The Founding Trainers

Kanjo David Kaar

Kanjo David KaarDavid Kaar has always been fascinated with how things work: from quantum physics to the human psyche. He has put his knowledge to practical use in new materials research (producing 3 U.S. Patents) and by leading over 100 personal development and leadership trainings. He has created and led successful teams: locally, nationally and internationally.

In 2001 he founded Paeon Partners to bring his inquiry into how life works to the larger community. As the new leadership and empowerment models supplant command-and-control systems, an understanding of how the models work is vital in creating new tools and infrastructure to support them. Emotional Intelligence is essential and teachable. These skill sets are accessible and transferrable, but not in business schools or the academy, at least not yet.

David has led personal development group training and a variety of leadership trainings for the ManKind Project, an international non-profit, for 17 years. He trains leaders and creates leadership training and facilitation training events. He has founded and led a training center and has served as General Chairman of the Project. He has three grown children and lives in Minneapolis.

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Stewart Walker

Stewart WalkerAs a child, Stewart hungered to understand human existence and experience. That journey started lying on a couch in the living room his family did not use, and reading whatever he could get his hands on in the days before the Internet or even cable TV.

His professional journey led to executive and financial management positions in business, government and nonprofit organizations. His emotional journey led to recovery, therapy, personal development and a rich internal life. His spiritual journey led him to the Quakers.

The journey continues intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and creatively, in his life and the development of the Dragon Training.

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