What to expect from The Dragon Training℠

Whether you consciously know it or not, The Dragon presents itself to you in every moment...right here, right now. The Dragon Training opens a gateway where you will be invited to encounter — and contemplate deeply — four fundamental questions:

  • WHO: Who are you anyway? ... Not who you think you are, but Who Are You really... at the True Center of your Being?
  • WHY: Why are you still alive? ... Why would you even bother to pray/meditate/practice on a daily basis anyway?
  • WHAT: What is most important to you? Not that long list of your ego's precious preferences. Above all else ... What is the Great Purpose to which you are in service in this life?
  • HOW: How do you want to contribute to this Great Purpose? Facing the certainty of your own death, what will you do?

The Dragon Training℠ is a 3-day container of women and men serious about taking the next steps in their journey to grow up, wake up and show up truly and fully in their lives and in their relationships.

The training builds on the work and foundation each of us has done so far, and connects us to the next stage of teachings and tools for awareness, fulfillment, joy and significance.

At The Dragon Training℠ you will:

  • Find and name The Dragon through "Grow Up" Processes
  • Face The Dragon through "Wake Up" Practices
  • Honor The Dragon through "Show Up" Projects